Monday, January 24, 2011


Here's the list of things that I got free this past week:
-Chocolate Croissant from Panera(for joining their My Panera program)
-P&G winter samples with travel size Pantene shampoo and conditioner(great for carry-on luggage), stayfree, and head and shoulders sample and coupon
-Ester-C gummies
-Bare minerals sample kit from Sephora(for being a Sephora Beauty insider)

Not bad for a week. What cool stuff did you get?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free-For-all: Cover Girl Natureluxe foundation

Go here for a free sample of Cover Girl's Natureluxe foundation.

$20 for $8 on over 400 magazines on Deal Pulp

 Are you looking for the perfect gift? Just don't know what to get someone? Well, how about a subscription to Dressage Today or E-Duck? What about InsidePOOL or Neurosurgery Coding Alert?
If they are particular about their magazines, you may try Vogue, Forbes or Bon Appetite.
Go here to Deal Pulp for some great magazine deals and if you have that $5 credit even better.

Wholly Gua..I mean Queso

Here's a $1/1 Wholly Queso Product.

Borders Calendars

I wanted to let everyone know that Borders' calendars are at $4.99 each. They also have lots of clearance items that are 75% off and lots of children's books on clearance!

Victoria Secret Sale

Victoria Secret has their semi-annual sale going on and they've just had more markdowns.
Clearance sleepwear is an additional 50% off, bras are $15.99 each and panties $2.99. Great prices for this stuff!

A clothes challenge-ignore the deal you don't need

I wanted to take this post to talk about a love of Specifically, clothes shopping. Not only do I love to do it, but this happens to be the time of year for it. Lots of stores are putting winter clothing on clearance with deep discounts. I was in J.C.Penny yesterday and they had racks labeled at $2.97, $4.97 and $8.97, not to mention lots of other clearance deals.

And I didn't buy anything.
For me, that is huge. I love a deal, and these were some great bargains, but I had to remind myself that much of it I just flat out didn't need and certainly couldn't afford. That $2.97 price may be great, but if I buy 12 of them and never wear any, it's not a deal.

There were some very cute shoes for only $12.97, but when I looked again, they were hardly pratical. I live in Wisconsin...and they were suede. This is the land of snow and ice and suede shoes are not going to cut it. On top of this, most were in colors like jewel purple and silver with rhinestones. I am currently working and trying to get more work in the professional sector and these were clearly not going to work.

 What I did look for, and didn't find, were professional clothes, black pants and skirts, button downs and blazers, black shoes that were practical. I was really hoping to find something, but I think this trip reinforced some things that I already knew and that you probably do to.  
I have to look for things I need, that are of good quality at prices I can afford, and not buy things that are "almost" right.  I have enough professional clothes to tide me over for now, but I still feel like I need more, and while that may be true for some things(like black pants), I need to not buy just to buy. I don't need to buy something that doesn't quite fit or doesn't quite look right because it is cheap and "close" to what I want.

So I am challenging myself to stop buying clothes that I do not need. I know that sounds simple, but I am always taken in by a great deal. I have made a mental list of things to look for that I need and will try not to buy beyond that, no matter how good the price and I challenge you to join me. Make a list of what you want, pair it down to what you need and wait for the right price. I'll post mine in the future and hope you do the same. That way we can find the good deals together!